Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It is what it is

What does that mean? It is what it is? People say it all of the time but is there any true meaning behind it or is that just some way of justifying an action?

Life comes at you from all angles sometimes all at once and if one is not careful, it can totally consume you. Another all too familiar saying is "Life is too short". Do we even pay as much attention to that saying as the "It is what it is" comment?

The opportunity of a lifetime comes along but one of the parties involved may not be as keen as the other so instead of saying how we really feel, we say "it is what it is". Why is that? A relationship escalates a little faster than expected and instead of us saying "I really like you" we say "it's ok, it is what it is". Some situations REALLY require a "life is too short" mentality. We only live one time and we should try to make it the best one possible. When you play, play hard, when you love, love hard. Of course things may not always have the outcome we expect or want but that's life. You live, you learn, you get over it.

I've written a lot of things but I swear my life in the last few months has been the greater of two evils. I have had my fair share of ups and downs and can pretty much say that this has been my storm but it seems that the clouds are breaking up. With the exception of my personal life, I think I've finally gotten on track.

As far as my personal life, I have been able to meet some wonderful people that have impacted me in many different ways. One of my bestest friends reminded me that "People enter your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime". We have to decide what role they play. I know this, I will no longer live according to society's rules. GOD has life planned out for all of us and I will live accordingly.

As in life, you only get one shot at true love and if you find it, fight for it. If you don't, someone else will.

Have a great life! *smooches*