Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It is what it is

What does that mean? It is what it is? People say it all of the time but is there any true meaning behind it or is that just some way of justifying an action?

Life comes at you from all angles sometimes all at once and if one is not careful, it can totally consume you. Another all too familiar saying is "Life is too short". Do we even pay as much attention to that saying as the "It is what it is" comment?

The opportunity of a lifetime comes along but one of the parties involved may not be as keen as the other so instead of saying how we really feel, we say "it is what it is". Why is that? A relationship escalates a little faster than expected and instead of us saying "I really like you" we say "it's ok, it is what it is". Some situations REALLY require a "life is too short" mentality. We only live one time and we should try to make it the best one possible. When you play, play hard, when you love, love hard. Of course things may not always have the outcome we expect or want but that's life. You live, you learn, you get over it.

I've written a lot of things but I swear my life in the last few months has been the greater of two evils. I have had my fair share of ups and downs and can pretty much say that this has been my storm but it seems that the clouds are breaking up. With the exception of my personal life, I think I've finally gotten on track.

As far as my personal life, I have been able to meet some wonderful people that have impacted me in many different ways. One of my bestest friends reminded me that "People enter your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime". We have to decide what role they play. I know this, I will no longer live according to society's rules. GOD has life planned out for all of us and I will live accordingly.

As in life, you only get one shot at true love and if you find it, fight for it. If you don't, someone else will.

Have a great life! *smooches*

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Daily Rant: The hell is a "homegirl"?

OK so the other night, my BFF and I happened upon the fact that more and more often we are hearing the term "homegirl" and we asked each other "what does that mean". Thus began our journey. Mind you, this was us on the phone at 11 o'clock at night having this conversation.

We said "let's call and ask some of our (what we thought was unbiased) male friends". The first phone call went like this...*disclaimer* names have been changed to protect the identity of the weak and scared to answer the question men. Hey John...Missy and I wondered what the hell a homegirl is. I mean we've heard "my homegirl is coming in town for the weekend" or "naw that was my homegirl on the phone" so we wanted to know exactly what the hell a "homegirl" is. His response...oh naw lol I can't answer that. We're like...what??? what do you mean you can't answer? Naw LOL I have to stick to the "man code" "y'all not putting me in the trick bag" Are you serious John? "Yea man...I can't do that. Homegirl has lots of meanings but I can't do that and I thought something was wrong when y'all called me so I need to get back to this conference call (11:30pm).

Next call...Hey Jim...Missy and I were having a conversation and we were wondering "what the hell is a homegirl". *uncontrollable laughter* we're like what? Why are y'all on the phone at 12 o'clock calling people with this stuff? Because, we want to know and we figured you would tell us. Alright listen...homegirl can mean lots of things it depends. If a dude tells you a homegirl is coming in town for the weekend, she's not a homegirl. Homegirls don't require a weekend. You pick them up from the airport, drop them off maybe get something to eat that's it. If you're seeing a homegirl the entire is involved. Hmmm...interesting I said. So how about if you're in the bedroom and he goes in the bathroom and holds a conversation. When you ask about it, he says that it was a homegirl. His reply...was it the upstairs bathroom or downstairs? Cause if he went downstairs its not a homegirl, upstairs anywhere within ear shot it could potentially just be a homegirl. Homegirl is a real general term. I personally call my good girlfriends my sisters or say "this is my friend since elementary school". Homegirl is for chics stuck in the middle of the sex or no sex debate.

We ended up being on the phone with him for like an hour before we were all sleepy as hell. But I'm still not convinced. I posted the question on facebook but what do you guys think? Women do we have a "homegirl" term? I couldn't think of one. Maybe its because we're slicker than they are with it and know how not to bring doubt into a conversation. You tell me. Any thoughts on the subject?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Daily Rant: I'm Getting Me a White Man

Isn't that what we say when it seems that all of our black men just aren't getting it? I mean statistically shouldn't we start getting white men? the black men are getting them some white women. I guess that just reminded me of the fact that there is still a seperation in the things men can do and what we as women can't or get looked at cross-eyed if we do.

Why can't we expect to have a BLACK man with good credit, his own place and car or have we forgotten that men are supposed to open our doors or give us their coats if it's chilly. We are now so far removed from the things our grandparents would have knocked a nigga upside the head for it's ridiculas.

I want to have a man that loves the ground I walk on, one that when I'm sick and my hair is all over my head, he knows I'm the best thing since sliced bread. A man that is mine and mine alone not that he needs anyone else because I take care of him mentally, emotionally, and physically. Someone who whenever we see each other the attraction is instant and the thought is TOO Much lovemaking is never an option.

Is that too much to ask for ladies? I mean for I need to go get me a white man? Is that the one thing thats missing cause I've never tried it but damn it there has got to be a better way LOL. I've had the men with the nice rides and fancy houses, the metrosexual dudes who take as long as I do getting ready to go out, you know dem pretty motherfuckas who when yall out all eyes on the both of you cause GOT DAMN IT yall hot LOL. But then I've had the quiet laid back brother. He looks aight no big deal, got a job he's maintaining I mean aren't those the ones we're supposed to rely on cause they happy someone is interested in them? Dat shit is a lie...all BLACK men to me are the same. They use you until they can't use you anymore. They suck you dry emotionally and then sometimes don't even give you good sex LOL. Did someone forget the term DATING? What happened to dinner and a movie or date night and chillin on the couch? How about bowling or skating?

I've noticed here lately that the tables have turned quite about when it comes to men though. The younger guys are taking on the role of the older man. You have successful 20 somethiners who are on track to be something great. They know the value of a woman and are not afraid to let you know it.


I think imma get me an I-talian lol they aint that far from Black right?

Until we speak...


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Daily Rant: Twitter

So if you're a internet-aholic (yes I made that up) such as myself you know that the latest rave is Twitter. Whenever I mention twitter to someone the obvious first question is "what's that" so my reply is "its micro-blogging". The real answer is, its letting a group of people get together most of which by some sixth degree of separation between them and gossip while trying to sell stuff to each other and/or vent about their day. Sounds like fun right? It absolutely is!

I've met so many wonderfully intelligent and warm-hearted people on twitter it's ridiculous. Its like an internet dating service for friends. Sure some people may not be who they say they are like @kanyewest who was a fraud but hey who cares? It's the conversation right?

The one downfall I find with twitter is the after the fact. You know you have conversations with the same people day in and day out but what do you think would happen if you met them in person? Say you were a rapper and you're speaking to some label exec., you've had a blossoming twitter relationship for three months now and you finally make it to LA. You reach for your blackberry and log on to twitterberry @soandso I'm here! The response is not what you expect. The usual hearty happy-go-lucky conversation changes to "hey what brings you here" or "'re here huh". Now your world is shattered. Does this change your outlook on twitter?

I know it would change mine DAMMIT! I love my twitter peeps @promotingyou (that's me) @stylescrybe @cathrynmarie @bossbeauty @theflygirl @savvyfatty @ladyjnva @brooklynblondie @kandisknight @freshjacobs (yes I am giving you a twitter role call :) if you decide to join, these people are a great place to start. Careful though they screen followers) @onej @chameleon2u @pumpsandgloss oh lawd this could go on forever I feel like the awards shows when you forget people. So how about twitter fam knows who they are and I cyber love each and every one of you but if I holla at any of you two-bit ninnies outside of twitter and you blow me off it's on son!

I believe this concludes my twitter rant. Oh wait, there are tweetups in individual cities so that helps ease the transition. But all in all twitter is the epitome of bringing great people together for a great time. Take my word for it you'll be glad you came.

And if you don't, oh well I don't think twitter will miss you.


Janet Jackson Pregnant?

Nope not according to Mr. Dupri and Jermaine said "No, y'all stop saying that, when she gets pregnant everyone will know."

Rumors of a future mini Miss Jackson began to swirl after Janet, 42, canceled numerous performances during her tour in October due to a mystery illness, later revealed to be migraines.

First time blogger

Hey hey everyone! I have officially joined the blogosphere. As you know I have a newsletter that I send out every week that has fallen a little by the wayside but I'm back. Help me to help you stay up to date with my thought processes and the wacky ways of the world. Have a great day!